Collection: Part One

reflective journal

Project 4 ‘Sketch and Stitch’Day 1

Today, we started a new project ‘sketch and stitch’ it is a 2 day project aim to increase my way of thinking about drawing. I find today’s workshop really interesting and helpful. I alway thought that good drawing are ones that are accurate and detailed. However after today, my perspective of drawing has definitely changed. I have experimented different mediums such as charcoal, crayons, paint and pastel. and I learnt that creating fast drawing really helps me free up my drawings.


At the beginning of the day I find this session really tiring and challenging, because we have to do everything on time condition and it really made me think of the way I choose my material. I thought my drawings was not successful beucase I didn’t think of the medium I used. and it does not look like the model at all. However over time,  by observing peoples drawing. I understood how I should choose my medium when I’m drawing different fabric.For example, when we  illustrate textures of a fabric like organzaIs we would use light mediums such as water colour to represent the fabric. We could also represent the fabric by the marks we make.Furthermore, I've learnt that we should using black to represent the shadow, we have to look closely to capture the colour we see.  


After all the exercise, throughout the day I could see improvement and progress specially in the self portrait drawing. However there still a lot of things I need to improve such as proportion and i definitely need to be more brave with using different mediums. I really enjoyed the exercise where we combine different types of paper into our illustration, I would explore that more. To improve I will do more some research on different fashion Ella straight to her and hope and get some inspiration from them also I have to practice more on quick time condition drawing. Do my life drawings. 

progress tutorial

After yesterdays tutorial, I have got lots of useful advise on how to present my work, I should experiment with ways to present my final outcome, it doesn’t need to be a textile piece it could be anything, jewellery, interior design, graphic design, fashion design. Also I have to be more specific when reflecting.  

 moreover, I should get out more, visit more exhibitions. See TimeOut listings for shows. Try to photograph any inspirations I get as I move around the city. therefore I started to collect photograph of pattern and recorded it as a diary. looking closely at the details of the graphic shapes, textures, colours and materials of pattern around in my surrounding and turn it into an interesting detailed textile design piece.  

Here is some photos I collect focusing on pattern I found in daily life.  



After the Feedback yesterday, I have tried different ways to present my work for the hand made project, I decide to present the pieces I did in the metal workshop in to an series of jewellery piece, necklace, earring, brooches, and fruit bowl.IMG_0037.JPG




project 3 hand made day 4


Continue with the idea of creating blocks I have used the pattern I found in puzzles games and I decided to create a sculpture. I am really interested to see how I can turn this puzzle into a 3-D form, so I have did a few Skechers base  on the idea of creating a creating a space for housing 


Project 3 Handmade day 3

Today I wanted to experiment with texture, by using different materials, instead of using fabric. I thought by using metal be the perfect way to explore textures. This is because during induction day, the technician has shown us different ways to create texture on metal, so I decided to look into it further, by joining the metal workshop. During the workshop the technician showed us how metal reacts with heat, so I thought it would be interesting to heat up different types of metal and experiment with texture using different tools. 


Previously I have been focusing on my sample pieces and neglected the project title so I decided to make a metal stand to display my sample pieces. 


The technician showed me a few techniques on how to create texture using different tools before example using  hammers and sandpaper. He also taught me how different surfaces can effect the texture pattern. For example when I hammered the pattern onto a harder surfaces the would be more contrast on the textile. 


Project 3 Handmade day 1

Today we were given our new project  ‘Handmade’ I am really excited about this project, as we can be really experimental and play with different materials, It will be a good way to build up my confident in the workshop, and learn new technique. 

 I spent the afternoon looking for inspiration from newspaper articles.At first I find it really hard to find a theme for my project. Because they all have different theme. But after I’ve gathered all the articles together, I start to see some connection.  


Here are I few ideas I want to explore 

key words: box,block, grid, structure,cube,square 

1) Layout- the structure of an newspaper articles.

I want to look at how newspapers are organised and I am particularly interested in how newspaper are layout . it create a sense of order and neatness, everything is measured out neatly. Then I found an image about a photographer who organise stationery in a geometric pattern and . I wonder if I could extract the shape of the and create some prints 


Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 16.07.12.png

2) Colour-  the pastel colour palette gives a sense of harmony and calmness ,peacefullness 


 3) I then found a advertisement about the Kew garden which remind me of the garden of eden story the idea of  'living in a perfect world'


IMG_9948.jpg 4) I then found another article about the housing problem in London. I thought it would be interesting to combine the idea of  imperfect and perfect to show the contrast between a utopia and dystopia world. 

I will do some research on utopia and dystopia 



Celebrating Archway Day 5


After today’s crit, I’ve learnt how to think outside of the box, being an artist I need to be versatile and try out different skills and ideas,not just focus on textile ,try using different materials and be playful. Create something out of ordinary. I have little knowledge of architecture but I thought the idea of making a interior space quite interesting. Using my pattern as a wallpaper and creating a space almost like a installation. The pattern it self reminded me of an Japanese Artist  -  Yayoi Kusama, she often create a room full of pattern. So I want to create illusion effect. By filling the space with pattern. To create a infinity feeling.As if the the shop is like a maze. I have choose to use reflective materials,such as Silver paper so that it creates a modern look, also to reference to industrial development of Technology. I have also Printed the pattern on to acetate tape I found the outcome really interesting because when I put the sculpture daylight the pattern would reflect on to the white wall. So I thought it could be a good window pattern. 

Celebrating Archway Day 1

On Friday We have been given a new project Celebrating Archway. Each of us was given a location to research on. I was given a phone repair shop. As we are now living in a high-tech world, phone and computer repair shop holds a key part to this town. If our phone broke down people would instantly get panic. 

When I first looked at the shop, give me a mysterious feeling because the shop was quite small and there were colourful signs stuck all over the store window. However when I walked in,  instantly got another feeling, I saw stacks of boxes laid-out neatly and different sizes, different colour packages hang on the wall. Which creates a disorderly feel and give me a sense of small local business. The shop was mainly coloured In blue yellow orange and white and uses LED light to draw people‘s attention. Material wise I would like to use some reflective material such as mirror, plastic and Metal to construct this project,as I want to create a futuristic look.


During the visit, I took photograph of what I saw in the store. And brought a brick phone to study the infrastructure of a phone. to show the intricate details of the phone then outline the shape of each part to transform those pattern into a Print.IMG_9072 3.jpg


Celebrating Archway Day 3



After the workshop yesterday, i’ve got more of a understanding of how to produce fast development work. I thought it would be interesting to use my phone as a drawing tool, and trace the shape to the keyboards to create a pattern. The outcome is really satisfying, the way I organised the pattern remember me of the arrangement of the the shop(Neat,orderly,tidy). I then tried adding the colour scheme I found in the shop into the pattern. However I thought the colour made the pattern look like it quite childish,maybe its because the shape of the box.  I wonder if I could just use black and white and maybe sharpen the edge of each square. 

Self Portrait - Day 2

After I experimented with all the development task, I thought the close up image of me biting my nails present my anxiety the best. When I am in a new environment, I would feel nervous and worry, fear off being in a new environment.


Then I thought of how i what to be in the future. When there is new start, like new year, people would make new year resolution- sitting new goals and reflecting the past. and for me, my goal for this year is to transform into a fearless, confident, strong woman. As I am quit an introvert person. So the idea of document the stages of my emotion changing came to me. I have decide to use me body language to show the progress. Starting from, hiding be hide my anxiety to destroying the fare,at the end to eating the nervous away. I want to present my hunger of demolishing the fare.

  • I have used triptychs layout to document the stages. I decide to use the constast of black and white to so that the viewers could focus on the portrait itself. It was lucky that the colour of the table and my hair creates a sense of conherent.
  •  I would like improve the size to each picture to create a sense to unity thought out the posses.



project 5 ‘Co create’Day 5

After school I have developed a series of pattern experiment with ways to extract Pattern from typography, I’ve used masking tape to block out letters, interestingly I can find lots shapes from the the masking tape when I pill it off.


Ive print the patterns on different materials, interesting when I print on addict sheet, the shadow would reflect on to a different surface


here is a video:


i wonder if we could project onto the body. and experiment with the lighting 



I’ve also fold the paper

This morning we started to do some filming and I’ve learnt a lot form my partner.


my partner is very interested in a performance art, so we have looked at different ways to express our feelings through movement of our body, like using thread to wrap around a space, and recored the movement of her getting out. 


we also incorporate the print by ripping the paper, we did also did some projection. It is interesting to see how she acts out how I feel. 


project 5 ‘Co create’Day 4

Continue with our co-create project

Today we’ve planed to use the print workshop, However we found out that we are not able to use the print workshop for this project. Unfortunately our plan have to change. We quickly thought of a new plan. For our project the final out come would be a film, however we thought of include the textile part by experiment we different material to present the feeling of being lost and confused.this ideas of combining  textile into film is inspired by Patternity(research page).

I went to the stitch workshop and experiment with different way to represent this feeling. For example, I used the kitting machine to create a loose kitting sample. It is my first time using the kitting machine after the induction, therefore I've face lots of difficulties,  however the technician was really kindly showed me how to use the kitting machine, after lots of trial and error I finally created a few samples. 

after showing my partner the kitting samples, we thought the patterns form the samples create a interesting shadow, so I went to the wood work shop and look at way to create tension,by pinning the samples on the a piece of wood.  

I think this pieces is really successful as I have show the felling of being lost and confused from the material. 

To include today is a day full of experimentation

Next- I will create a series of 3 and incorporate it into the film. 


project 5 ‘Co create’Day 3

Today we’ve got given our object in the CSM museum I was excited yet scared that the object with distract distract our plan. Luckily we are able to use our plan. we were given a poetry however the poem has is not visible to read as the designer using the typography it self to illustrate the meaning behind the poetry, which made us question.

  • Why is London written who out any space?
  • Maybe the designer what to illustrate the crowds in London, busyness, packed full of people.
  • Why did she extract the shape of the letters?
  • Maybe it respent a amaze? Is she lots in London?
  • Why did she overlap letters?
  • To show the repersion in life?
  • The lines reminded me of the line paper from when I first learn English it might respernt the guidelines,show the rules of a country?
  • After looking at the object, we thought we could look at how we can find pattern from typography in a dyslexia point of view. My partner and I has a strong opinion on creating a piece of artwork that is about quite personal. During the library session we did some research on typography and look at artist, such as   we got a ideas of maybe create some prints.  

project 5 ‘Co create’Day 2

Today is the second day of this project we came out of 10 ideas on how we could collaborate together. We created a PowerPoint to visualise our ideas (find ppt in research page) we have looked at projects we’ve done previously,  also looked at artist we are inspired from. I find this way of working extremely useful, as it help us understand our discipline more and we can both get new ideas from each others work. For example,  project in films onto a textile piece or garment. Or recording the sound wave of the texture of the objects then transform it into a book.

The tutors has mentioned about the difficulty of communicating with each other, however  we didn't have much problem, and I thought we had word quite well. 

Project 5 ‘Co create’Day 1

Today we started our new project ‘Co create’ in this project we will be paired up with a student from a different discipline and collaborate together. during the weekend we were asked to bring 10 objects that represented our self at first I was quite confused. However During lesson we were asked to draw our partners objects. I thought this exercise is a good way to get to know my partners more  by observing what objects she use in daily life.


For this project I am paired up with Mirei who studies film making. At first I thought it I would be really difficult to combine those two discipline together, so we’ve shared our work together and discuss the similarities and different, interestingly some of our concepts are quite similar. Both of us have used a illnesses as a concept and create our work. 

Although this project might be challenging, I love creating textile using different mediums so I thought working student with different disciplines would benefit me and will broaden my knowledge in different subjects area as we can learn from each other. 




Project 3 Handmade day 2

After yesterday‘s crit I have got more of an  idea on the theme I want to explore. So during the print workshop today, I want to experiment with different shapes and colours to create a collage.


print one - I have cut out the stationary and neatly order it on the plastic sheet. I want to mimic the layout of an newspaper. However during the process I have accidentally stick the paper on the plastic sheet and spread the pain over the stencil The outcome was not successful as I have just created a block of colour without any shape. After this process I looked back at the scraps left over from the paper, and I thought it would be interesting to create a print out of the scraps. as the scraps was left with some interesting shape. I am really happy with the print it created a maze like affect, and looks like that imaginary city. This is a happy accident. 



print 2- I want know how can I create a straight line. So the looked around the workspace and I found a masking tape and I thought it would be a perfect stencil to create a clean and finish the line.  I’ve tape out a pattern inspired to the picture above. I thought this print was a success as it is able to create a accurate line. and it is a fast process. 

celebrating Archway Day 4



Inspired by the back frame of the phone, I create a series of pattern. I notice that the structure of the phone cover is  made from different components of square. Therefore I have extracted the squares on the phone and develop a series of prints. During the development process, I have learnt the important to tryout difference function in photoshop. I particularly love the overlaying pattern. As it reminded me of glitch from a broken computer screen.

After having a chat with the tutors, one of the suggestion was to turn this pattern into a 3-D model and see how I could apply this pattern into the real world. I thought to maybe turn this pattern into a phone case cover? As the shop sale phone case 

celebrating Archway Day 2

For my project I found 5 Accent to represent the shop. 

1) Colour, I created a colour chart and selected five different schemes that pop up from the shop. I found out that, the shop uses contrast colour such as blue and orange to catch the customer’s attention. For example in this picture we can see that blue is mainly the background colour and orange is the accents colour. I would like to do some research on the colour wheel and study the psychology of colour. 


2) Packaging of products 

I noticed that all of the devices that are sold in the shop were man-made objects, such as Mouse, keyboard, and chargers. So for my project, I would like to focus on using industrial materials such as metal plastic and other reflective materials to create my textile piece. 

IMG_8916 2.JPG

3) How the shop arranges their products?

 From the image above I could see jammed packed of rows of mobile phone gadgets. I wonder if I could look at layering objects to create a messy yet systematic pattern design. 


4) Computer screen

 In the shop I saw lots of Old PC computers. Which reminded me of my computer at home. My computer always break down, and it all way create glitches so I thought I could take pictures to my computer screen to capture the distraught wave line. I thought this could create interesting weave pattern.

5) Phone 

From the phone repair shop, I’ve brought a brick phone I’ve took out all the phone parts and studied the structured the phone. I am really interested by the shape of each part of the phone because they are all man-made, so everything is has a high quality finish to it. And are the part are cut accurately. After taking out all the parts. I decided to study the Structure of each part.  I have then use a blank piece of paper and scratched out the shape of each part. I think it was a great way to study a object as because I’m physically touching the object to find shapes that could be interesting to create patterns. I thought the keyboard was very interesting because each individual keyboards create a box and it reminded me of the way the shop organize their products I would like to create a pattern using the shape of the keyboards maybe repeating the structure of the keyboard I can combine what I saw Or maybe zoom in to one part and extract it to a pattern.IMG_9168.jpg


I found the workshop very interesting, and it as definitely changed my perspective on how to develop my work. I’ve learnt how create quick ways to develop a pattern. I fond it quite changing of think quickly in a short period of time. Sometimes when I work in time conditions I do not have to think too much about what I am doing. Sometimes is a good thinking because often I think too much and I would not know where to start my ideas from. However I would like to improve the quality to my cutting skill, because when I work fast I pay lass attention to how I cut thing. Overall,  I think is a good way to start a new ideas. The workshop really allows me to simplify the object I am studying, make me focused on the structure, colour and shape of the item.  

Tomorrow  I would look at way to develop the pattern in to a print and look at where I can display my print. 

Self Portrait - Day 3

How has the verbal feedback affected my understanding of what I'm portrait is communicating? 

  • It was instring to hear different comment of people interpreting my self portrait and I agrees that the cutlery might be a distraction to the portraits. As I did not have interaction to with it. So to develop the image furthered, I place the image on to the plate. I thought is was a success because, there was a clearer meaning to the subject.

Thought out the development process I definitely need to work on my time management. I was feeling quite stress after looking at other peoples work, because  they have produced lots of work in a short period of time. So I went and got some food. That is when I realised food helps to clam my stress and act as a comforter. So I decide this ideas further.By showing the process of me eating my nervous down. i have took picture of me buying the ingredients to digesting the nervous. I want to display my image as a from of cook book each location respsent one step, teaching people how to conquer their fear.

1 .jpg.1

Self Portrait - Day 1

What happened?

  • Yesterday, we were given our first project ‘Self Portrait’, it is a 3 days project where we take photograph of our self to describe our feeling, emotion and characteristic. I first created a mind map to gather all my ideas and looked at a few artist’s works to get inspiration from.During the photo-shoot I have experimented angles, body languageto express my thoughts.

so why? what did you notice/ think/ feel? why? 

  • I partially like one of the photo-shoot where I show my emotion thought-out the day, I felt quite tired that day, so I documented the movement of me from siting at a up right position to falling a sleep. I presented it as a 15 image to show the to show each stage, I would I to take it further by emphasise my movement more. as when I put the picture as a together the process it not clear. Otherwise I think the monotone effect creates as senses of simplicity and took away all the distraction.  

Action plan

  • I need to take more picture about my personality,and emotion. because the photograph i took is just Portrait how i feel on that day. IMG_7335-2.jpg

Aim's for FAD+

what is your priority for improvement during FAD+

aim to improve my time management, especially for annotation as i alway leave writing till the end, also my critical writing skill

why is this issue a priority for me?

I alway love writing till the end, which alway coast problem with my dead line, also I want to improve my critical writing skill because it will help me understand my work. I need to spend more time reflecting on the day. and alway question the reason behind my work.  

action plan 

what next 

I should spend more time looking at other artist work, and give my own oppinenten. do more witting practice aim - ounces a day

don't need to be writing, maybe voice recording