Collection: Part One

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Here are some 4 pages I found in a typography books I found in CSM library, which I thought illustrate the way I see texts  

'Dyslexic people often struggles with visual stress, I would often get headaches and migraines, and words or letters appearing to "jump" or move on the page.Sometimes swirling effects appear in the text.'

'Letters may double, reverse, fade or blur. Basically the image of the letters and words is unreadable against the white background.'


key words: distortions,messy,crowded,jump,double,swirling, reverse, fade or blur, prints, black / white, confused and jammed.

Plan- create a series of prints experiment with typography, focus of shape, structure and spacing of letters

Mira Schendell

León Ferrari and Mira Schendel : tangled alphabets / Luis Pérez-Oramas ; with essays by Andrea Giunta and Rodrigo Naves.


Mira Schendel (1919-1988)

 Jewish, Brazilian artist

 painter, poet and sculptor.

Schendel using rice paper to create monotype drawing using graphical patterns, combining the multiple languages that she spoke. She used lettering and graphite inscriptions in most of her later work. She also used delicate rice paper to create sculptural work, by tying knots of the paper together to make heavy sculptural chains.


book: León Ferrari and Mira Schendel : tangled alphabets

Publisher: New York : Museum of Modern Art ; [2009]


my thoughts: I love the way she explore the transparency of materials. and how she turned letters into a from of art.  


how sound can be shaped by textile

here is an article about how sound can be shaped by textile and conversely how textiles can be shaped by sound.

sources: THE TEXTILE FORM OF SOUND  By Cecilie Bendixen, cand. Arch. Ph.D. candidate

we wonder if we can document the sound of the object and create a pattern from the sound wave .

Masahiko Sato

Film: “Ballet Rotoscope”(2011)

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 11.56.02.png

i love the way Masahiko Sato using a dancer and movement extract tension lines, looking at the space and shape made between the movements, both swirling patterns and geometric shapes. I wonder if we could extract the shape of the object and create a pattern to inspire a textile. 3



New Designer 2018

Today I went to the New Designer 2018 exhibition, it is a exhibition that show case  3,000 undergrad student work across UK.   I've missed the textiles and fashion exhibition last week however, this week is mainly focus on product, interior,spatial and graphic design. However I have still got a few inspiration from the exhibition.   I have learnt lots about the quality, and professionalism of being a creative artist and the importance of making  a good portfolio.



I saw lots of  innovative techniques. For example, I've talked to one of the3D design student in the exhibition, Chris Pearce who create chandelier from hand- blown plastic. He kindly explained me his process on how he manipulate the plastic. he collect milk bottles and flatten the bottles out using a heat press then dye the plastic then he invented a machine so that he can blow the plastic to shape.  I love the form it created and specially the ones that has trapped in the wood, it is really experimental. I thought  the plastic he recreated could be used as a textile piece as the plastic it really thin. 



this furniture reminded me a lot of the handmade project, then I first looked at the bench I thought it was a soft cushion cover stated together, however when I touch it is it actually made out if concrete! I think it is made using similar the technique we have learnt in the CASS workshop, where we case the surface of the what we found and transfrom it into concrete. 

In conclusion, it has been a really fulfilling visit in terms of getting new ideas and inspiration. I have learnt a lots of new technique which I might include in me textile practice. 


Velwyn Yossy

Velwyn Yossy
London and Los Angeles based artist / illustrator
'She explores alternative ideas of beauty and feminine strength, presenting her subjects with depth and emotional complexity. Her style is characterized by play, experimentation, and exaggeration of form and lines both in traditional and digital medium. '
velwyn yossy 1.png velwyn yossy 12.png
velwyn yossy .png
My thoughts: I love how she uses blocks of shapes to illustrate the shape of the garment,i would experiment with using colour paper to cutting the shape of the garment. I also love how she incorporates pattern in the garment on to the background to create a  camouflage look.   

Şeniz Jones

Şeniz Jones
born in London.
' Jones has continued this exploration through her lllustrative process, by extracting layers of emotion that inspire her the most, through realistic detailed pencil sketches of minimal garment details and facial expressions, combined with line work amongst negative space. Her use of negative space represents a deeper expression of the subjects story, that she leaves open for the viewers interpretation.'

seniz jon.pngScreen Shot 2018-07-08 at 21.27.45.pngScreen Shot 2018-07-08 at 21.28.00.png

my thoughts:

I love the how Jones uses simple lines to show the outline of the model, then choose a particular feature on the face to draw a details sketch. it creates a contrast and show the emotion of the model. I also loves how she uses a few colour pencil to create her mark making. From her work I'v learnt that just using simple line could be really effective on a drawing.and i would like to do more effective drawing like this.  


Shifu is a  Japanese traditional weaving technique which woven paper thread either in the warp or weft or in both.

06d964e069555fa8c793de97c5225005--paper-weaving-paper-fashion.jpgshifu were worn by different classes of people for different purposes.

 Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 23.12.24.png

Undergarment, private collection, photo by Chu Fujiwara


I wonder if I could create my own paper thread...maybe using new paper? I would also want to try adding different materials on the weft 


futuristic movie -'Tommorrowland'

I am very much inspired by the architecture of all futurist cities in the movies. In the film 'tommorrowland' and science-fiction, adventure film. I particularly love the high- rise  buildings, and the  automobiles and trains I want to explore the idea of living in a utopia cities. focusing on the pattern i see in the architecture. 



history of computer repair shops


phone repair shop started in the early 1990s.  people covert their internet coffee shop to a phone repair shops. 


T dat data on technology colors



All data visualizations designed by MH Designs.


it is interesting to see that in people's view blue is most used to represent technology. In fact, in the phone repair shop blue was the main colour. however, I would like look at using diffrerent colour maybe black and white? so that the colour could me more concentrated. and when the porduct was displayed I noticed that most of the packing is white so black would bring out the white.

Todd McLellan

Todd McLellan is a photographer known for taking apart common items such as bicycles, telephones, computers and dismantling then by bricking down those objects to their bare parts. to show all the complex detail and variety of parts that go into making that particular product. He then lays the detailed parts out in very neat and aesthetically pleasing placing's and photographs them from an above angle in order to see a full overview of what has gone into that particular item. sores:

Unknown-23                Unknown-22

My thoughts: After looking McLellan’s I thought it would be interesting to study at the structure phone Therefore, I brought a brick phone and capture the close up details of the graphic shapes, textures, colours and materials of what I see and turn them into an detailed textile design piece.  I notices that almost each parts of the phone are mould and cut to its unique shapes. Therefore I used those parts as a temple and outline the shapes, and transform it into a print.

julie pochron photographer

 Pochron’s photographs combine  fashion photography and the equally commodified world of food photography. I love the way she uses food as a metaphor to compare and woman's fiigures for example women and say a piece of meat. it give a sense of humor too. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 08.29.11.pngScreen Shot 2018-07-03 at 08.29.51.png

10 ideas



Patternity_Paperless-Post_LDF-2015_Luke-Hayes_dezeen_sq1.jpg patternity_20 (1).jpg

Paternity has alway been my influencer. when I know am paired up with a film student, I immediately thought of Paternity.

Paternity was founded by Anna Murray a photographer and a product designer Grace Winteringham in London in 2009. "United by their deep love of pattern and its ability to bring ideas, people and perspectives together, they wanted to share the positive power of pattern with the world."

‘We inspire positive living through pattern research, design and experience’


 Here is a video of a collaboration they did with Clarks

my thoughts:

I love how their have combine the patterns, textures and shapes found in the city and presented it in to a film, specially how they have projected there pattern onto an object, we wonder if we can -projected a film onto the object we are given and capture the closes up detail of the texture.    


Alina Zamanova

Alina Zamanova 

'I am an artist who explores the concept of ugliness and beauty.'I love how she uses mixed media technique, to create her work, I particularly love how she uses her model as her canvas.'I practise layering different colours and textures to create a unique face or to show a diverse beauty of a female body.' I can really feel the energy and power in her the mark she creates. 

Alina Zamanova ].pngAlina Zamano.pngAlina Zamanova 6 .png

Alina Zamanova 1.pngAlina Zamanova 7.png




Rust dyeing

Rust dyeing is a process where fabrics are coloured using objects that are prone to rusting. The iron oxides is formed by the corrosion of iron or street. This corrosion happens when iron is exposed to oxygen and water.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 23.37.58.png.2I Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 23.38.34.png.1

I am fascinated by the colour and pattern rust dyeing produced, I wonder if I could collect some rusted metal from the metal workshop and experiment with this technique.  



Sommer Roman

Sommer Roman

 textile artist 

Pupa_square+format.jpg ROMAN_SOMMER_04.jpg

The fabric manipulation that

Richard McVetis

Richard McVetis is a British artist, known for his methodically embroidered drawings and sculptures. ‘As a child I would create entire worlds on the back pages of my school exercise book, building and destroying futuristic cities with a black ballpoint pen.’


McVetis22.jpgI loved how he create the simplicity of the stitches and how he deliberately uses monotone colour to create minimalist and clean really makes the viewer to focuse on the concept and technique.he really focus on the patterns and the way he displays his work 








De Stijl was a circle of Dutch abstract artists who promoted a style of art based on a strict geometry of horizontals and verticalsDe Stijl had a profound influence on the development both of abstract art and modern architecture and design.

I want to look that the form and colour in De Sitjl art.




as we can see the number that mobile phone using age has hugely increasedthroughout the year.  

Felipe Pantone

Felipe Pantone is an Argentinian-born artist, his is famous for his kinetic art, installations, graffiti design. His style is characterized by the use of bold colors, geometrical patterns and Op Art elements. Straddling conventional graffiti, typography and abstraction, his work fuses bold elements of graphic design with highly evolved geometric shapes to create an ultra-modern aesthetic which complements and reacts with the stark modernity of our cityscapes.

Felipe-Pantone-Opticromias-Delimbo-Gallery-2014-15.jpgMy thoughts: 

after looking at Pantone's work i want to experiment with glitch art  using digital errors and manipulate a print. I wonder if I could  take picture of my computer screen and see it what kind of pattern it would create. IMG_9348.jpg  

here is the outcome 


Sam Taylor- Wood

Sam Taylor-Wood

English photographer, film and video artist.

Taylor-Wood's work combines elements of the still and moving image and making them in films.


I love how she using movement to to represent her felling, it made me what to look in to performance art